Review of Morris Proctor’s Logos 5 Training Manual Set

As often as I use Logos Bible Software for personal study, preaching, and teaching preparation, I’ve found the easily digestible guides by Morris Proctor to speed up my learning process in ways that even regular weekly use can’t. When Logos 5 first released, I read and reviewed Proctor’s “What’s New?” guide. And in my review … Continue reading Review of Morris Proctor’s Logos 5 Training Manual Set

Review of Morris Proctor’s “What’s New?” Manual for Logos 5

Logos 5 does not operate in ways that are drastically different from Logos 4, but there are enough new features and modifications that a “What’s New?” guide for Logos 5 is useful. Morris Proctor is president of MP Seminars, “the authorized trainer” for Logos Bible Software. With the release of Logos 5 in November, MP … Continue reading Review of Morris Proctor’s “What’s New?” Manual for Logos 5

Going for the Gold (base package) in Logos 5

It’s been interesting to watch Bible software companies make a final sales push before Christmas–Logos and Accordance seem to have been the most active that I’ve noticed. I’ve compared the “Big Three” Bible softwares here, which is hopefully of help to someone trying to decide which Bible software program is best for her or him. … Continue reading Going for the Gold (base package) in Logos 5

Logos 5 Review, now complete

For ease of reference, here are all the parts of my Logos 5 review, which is now complete. Stay tuned for a comparison of Logos 5 with BibleWorks 9 and Accordance 10. Here’s what I’ve put up regarding Logos 5: Initial impressions What’s new in Logos 5 Further impressions Minimum crossgrade to Logos 5 Here … Continue reading Logos 5 Review, now complete

Logos 5 Review: Further Impressions

Last week I posted some initial impressions of the just-released Logos 5. Having had a little more time with it now, here are some further impressions I have. The Data Sets guide the user through resources nicely and can do some unique things. The Logos 5 Data Sets are what most stand out to me … Continue reading Logos 5 Review: Further Impressions

What’s new in Logos 5

This video from Logos shows what’s new in Logos 5. It mentions some of the same features I wrote about in my early review. Of special note, though, is the explanation of the Bible Sense Lexicon, new in Logos 5, beginning at 2:23. The Silver package I received for review does not have the Bible … Continue reading What’s new in Logos 5

Logos 5 Review: Initial Impressions

Logos 5 has arrived. I started using Logos 4 two months ago for a review I finished last week. Now version 5 is released today. But 4 had been out several years, so v. 5 has been in the works for some time. Having had and used Logos 5 for a few days now, I want … Continue reading Logos 5 Review: Initial Impressions