Wish List

I run Words on the Word for sheer “love of the game.” I hope these posts, reviews, and ruminations are helpful to as many as possible.

No money changes hands here, save for my association with the Amazon affiliates program, which I describe here.

The operating costs of running the site are not very large–just securing the occasional copyright permissions, for example. All the same, I’ve compiled a Words on the Word Amazon Wish list. Mostly this list will go to family before holidays and birthdays, but it’s accessible to anybody. Any of these items (especially the Bible software ones) would advance the work of the blog.

The Words on the Word wish list is here. For anyone interested in contributing a Bible software module to WotW, you may need to contact me for my email/account information, which you can do using this form. Or using the gift card option here works nicely, too, which you can do anonymously, I think.

The best way of supporting the blog is to spread the word about Words on the Word (word!) with others, whether on Facebook, Twitter, email, or elsewhere. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. I am a pastor of 36 years and long to write my own commentary of the Bible. So, how do I get started. I do not see anything about downloading a program.

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