First Ice Cream and Lyle the Crocodile

Ice Cream

Yesterday was a momentous occasion: the first all-family ice cream outing of the summer. (Shhh… it’s summer in my mind.) We did the almost-impossible-to-beat triumvirate of

ice cream


used bookstore

At the used bookstore, we got a hardcover edition of four Lyle the Crocodile books bound together (sewn binding, mind you!) for a mere $5.

Tonight we read the first one:

Lyle the Crocodile

In The House on East 88th Street, Mr. Primm, Mrs. Primm, and their son Joshua move into a new house, only to find a crocodile in the bathtub. They’re even more shocked when–as they’re trying to figure out how to get rid of it–it saunters down the stairs and starts doing tricks for them.

It’s a funny and well-written book. We’re looking forward to reading the rest. Highly recommended #kidlit!

5 thoughts on “First Ice Cream and Lyle the Crocodile

  1. Always loved this book. Glad you could find a series. Which used bookstore? See you soon–(5-19).

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