My 4-year-old son reviews his first book, Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First

Following on the heels of a great guest post from Timothy Dean Roth Wednesday, I’ve invited another guest to post at Words on the Word, this time for Family Friday: my four-year-old son. Here is his review of a book he particularly enjoys, Alpha Oops! The Day Z Went First. I’ve typed it up, but the words are all his.

A always goes first, but Z wants to go, and Z and Zebra are sick of the “last in line stuff.” W sits on a whale spout. Z has a zebra jumping. “O is for owl,” “N is for night,” and everyone else thinks it’s not H’s turn, but it really is… right? (Yeah.) He goes right where he goes, because that’s just how the alphabet goes.

I like that Z goes first. A goes last and the alphabet goes backwards. B is “bouncing on… a brisk breeze.”

I didn’t like “D is for dragon and damsel in distress,” because she might get hurt. (I don’t really want to get hurt.)

Our new neighbors would like this book. We could give it to someone else, and then tell everyone in the world to give it to someone else, after they read it.

Alpha Oops! is available at Amazon, or, I’m sure, at your local library.