Fénelon Goes to Sunday School


Your mind is a beautiful thing. Learn to trust it less and you’ll make better use of it.

So went my introduction some dozen years ago to François Fénelon, royal tutor, priest, archbishop, and wise theologian.

For the first six weeks I am teaching/leading adult Sunday School at my church. We are spending those six weeks with Foster and Smith’s Devotional Classics book. Here are the writers for each session:

  • Week 1: St. Augustine (see post here)
  • Week 2: François Fénelon
  • Week 3: Evelyn Underhill
  • Week 4: Apocryphal Literature
    (This is not in Devotional Classics. But we’ll look at Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), Wisdom of Solomon, and the Prayer of Manasseh.)
  • Week 5: Catherine of Siena
  • Week 6: Kathleen Norris

Each week we do a short bio of the writer, some reading, some discussion, and some prayer.

Here are the slides I used this past Sunday on Fénelon, along with my teaching notes.