This post is technically not “Words on the Word,” so I’d imagine that’s an indicator that, even early on, this blog may go in different directions than I originally intended. The initial focus will stay the same: to offer reflections on what I’m learning as a student of the Bible, ministry, life, etc. But as I’m working on vocabulary in the Septuagint of Micah this evening, I’m really enjoying a new record by a group called Birthmark. It’s actually just one guy, Nate Kinsella, who used to be in a band I once tried really hard to like, Joan of Arc.

Birthmark (Nate Kinsella’s solo project) is much smoother than Joan of Arc’s music. It’s electronic and creative, melodic and intriguing.  The layering of strings, synths, vibraphone, and guitars keep the music interesting, and the vocals are… in tune!  (Not that Joan of Arc ever made that a priority, but it’s nice all the same.)  Nate’s quite a good singer in fact.

His brother Mike Kinsella is Owen, one of my all-time favorite musical artists, though I’m not a huge fan of Owen’s sometimes potty mouth, which was completely absent on his first album.

Read more about Birthmark here, and stream the full new album here.

What do you think?

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