Seminary with Young Kids

I’ve been known to try to do too many things at once.

In the fall of 2010 I was working 20 hours a week in youth ministry at a local church, preaching monthly there on top of that, taking four seminary classes (all of which were either Biblical Greek or Hebrew-based), and doing a wee bit of youth ministry consulting work. Suffice it to say I wish I had not done so much then–even three classes instead of four would have been a welcome relief. I did do most of my schoolwork at home, which at the time seemed like a good idea, because I could be around my wife and kids as I worked… but in retrospect, they weren’t getting any more of my attention than they would have if I had been off somewhere studying. So maybe that actually made it worse, to have me there, but not really have me there.

On Monday my wife and I are scheduled to have our third baby delivered.  So this is perhaps an appropriate time to link to this great article, “How to Survive Seminary with Young Children.” It’s written from a mom’s perspective, though the bulk of this advice is also helpful for those who are trying to be faithful dads and good seminarians at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Seminary with Young Kids

  1. Good tips for two parents entering graduate school! I think it might take 7 years for us both to finish our PhD and MSW degrees.

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