It All Starts Here: The Soul of Worship (Facedown)

Mark D. Roberts is a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. A few years ago I came across a mini-book he wrote, The Soul of Worship. It is a series of blog posts about worship leading, based on Matt Redman’s album Facedown. Roberts was asked to do a review of the album for Worship Leader magazine. He writes:

I was eager to review Facedown because I have deeply appreciated Matt’s music in the past. Among other things, he is an outstanding lyricist, combining strengths as a poet and theologian. Thus I began to listen to Facedown with high expectations. But nothing prepared me for what I heard. This is an exceptional album musically, but a unique album lyrically. In fact, from a theological point of view, Facedown is the premier praise and worship album in the world today.

You can listen to all of Facedown free and legally here. I agree with Roberts–it’s some of the best stuff I’ve seen in the contemporary worship music scene.

Roberts’s mini-book, then, draws its inspiration from Redman’s album, and discusses it at length. Read all of The Soul of Worship here. I know of no better place for worship leaders to begin.

Here’s Redman:

What do you think?

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