How people used Google to get to Words on the Word

One of the great things about WordPress, my blog host, is that it keeps statistics for its users. This includes a running tally of what search terms led to how many pages views on my blog. So, for example, I can find out that yesterday two page views resulted from a search engine search on “reaction about the story of jesus according to luke” (it led here).

The top three sets of search terms that have led people to Words on the Word are “colorado shooting” (goes here and here), “septuagint” (here), and “honest toddler” (any of these).

Some other search terms of note that have led folks to my blog:

  • “egalitarian pleasuring party” (see here for explanation)
  • “abrams guide to grammar” (I have not as of yet written one)
  • “first sermon and what not to say” (I could just feel the nerves of this searcher… but I trust they found this)
  • “how i am to speed of reading?” (with all due respect, hopefully this person is the same who searched for “abrams guide to grammar”)

No exceedingly bizarre search terms have led folks to WotW. Although “colonize Doug Wilson” (goes here?) might be the strangest so far.

What do you think?

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