12-Word Lexicon of My Children’s Speech, February 2014

The 1.5-year-old


BAH-yull (bottle): that dispenser of water that also doubles as a cuddle friend in her crib, without which SHE WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP.

KEEEEEE-koo: cracker, anything crunchy, snack, food. Sample use in a sentence: “Mmmmm…. keeeeekoo.”

DAT/THAT: screamed loudly, the ever-shifting direct object of “I want.”

Potty: what she–of her own volition–sat on today to go poop. Way to go, kiddo!

The 3.5-year-old

Guy Gagné
Guy Gagné

Guy Gagné! Guy Gagné! (pronounced “Gee Gah-NYAY”): 5-time winner of the Indy 500 in the movie Turbo. Constant foil in his playtime sessions with cars.

No, I want to find it!: the protestation that ensues after he looks everywhere for something, can’t find it, asks us to help find it, and then we find it.

Butt: much to the dismay of his parents, his filler, go-to, and punchline, dozens of times each day. Sample use in a sent–no, never mind. You get the idea.

Good night! I love you!: his ever-effective method of melting parental hearts at bedtime, no matter how many times he has employed the previous lexicon entry in a day.

The 6-year-old

jokesKnock Knock. (Who’s there?) Why did the chicken cross the road?: initial forays into joke-telling.

Let’s share: preface to his taking his brother’s toy away.

Come here, baby! sweet invitation to his sister to come play with him, which she adores.

“Tonight’s dinner: tacos… or if you want, chili… later, kisses”: one of many detailed signs he puts up around the house for various occasions.

Three kids six and under can be exhausting, but I cherish these little ones and their speech patterns.

Now I’m off to rummage the pantry for some keeeekoo.

2 thoughts on “12-Word Lexicon of My Children’s Speech, February 2014

  1. Aw! Nothing like being a parent for inundating your personality with noxious amounts of sentimentality.

    What is your potty training secret?? Older siblings??


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