How Great Thou Art (Guitar Chord Charts for Hymns)


Last Wednesday I posted a chord chart for Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. Here (pdf) is a chord chart I have used for the classic hymn, How Great Thou Art. It’s quite simple–just three chords throughout. More chords could be added, so the chart could also serve as a jumping off point.

4 thoughts on “How Great Thou Art (Guitar Chord Charts for Hymns)

  1. Nice chords. Though with a harmonically simpler song like this, I like to stick with the straight hymnal chords–even on guitar, even with a beat–just in case there’s somebody there who wants to read the hymnal part or has it etched in their memory. (A vanishing group, to be sure, but I’m anxious to support and honor them.) Obviously, the more complicated the harmony, the more impractical this can become…it’s hard to establish much of a strummy rhythm if you have to change chords on every single syllable.

  2. I am part of that vanishing group, so am glad to hear of a worship leader who is conscious of us.

    On celebratory occasions I might spice up the hymn with an am7 chord… do you have a good chart for this hymn you could send?

  3. Yes, that’s a spicy chord; I’d avoid it during Lent. I don’t actually have a chart for this–I don’t think I’ve ever played it with other musicians also playing chords, which is to say I’ve improvised/sight-read instead of charting it out. The Evangelical Lutheran Worship guitar edition is a pretty good resource for such things, though like most such things it’s pretty inconsistent in how closely it hews to the pew edition’s SATB chords.

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