The Best Used Bookstore in the World



This last week I visited what has to be the best bookstore in the cosmos. Loome Theological Booksellers bills itself as the world’s largest theological bookstore. It has great prices, an incredible selection (the Bonhoeffer section, for instance, had secondary literature in French and German), an easy-to-navigate layout, and a really nice owner.

Here are a few photos (click on any of them or open in a new tab/window to enlarge):


The entrance
The entrance


Two of many rooms
Two of many rooms


Here’s the annex. It’s enormous. The photos below just show part of it:






Annex 1


If you’re in the Minneapolis-St. Paul or Stillwater area, check it out! They’re having a $2 per book Labor Day sale that I was sorry to have missed by a couple of days.

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