Accordance 12 is Coming….

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From David Lang at the Accordance blog:

Pssssttt! I’m going to let you in on a little secret. We’ve been hard at work on Accordance 12, a major upgrade to the Accordance application with a host of new features you’ll soon be wondering how you ever got along without. We’re not ready to tell you about the big stuff just yet, but here’s a sneak peek at one of the many minor enhancements you can look forward to in version 12.

Read more here.

10 thoughts on “Accordance 12 is Coming….

    1. In v. 11, on a global or per module basis, you can customize the font, type size, line-length, leading (line spacing), background color, text color, link color, reference color, etc. What needs to be improved? What other adjustment would you want to “improve readability and typography”?

      1. Justified text, page turning, shortcut keys for highlighting, ability to make full screen reading into 2 column page turning layout. Basically what Logos offers.

        I know when you have your Bible text in 1 column and you quickly consult a parallel commentary in a second column, it is handy to have them scroll together. But for any extended reading of a commentary or any other book resource, scrolling a left-aligned text is horrible.

        See this for why page turning > scrolling for reading:

        21 different people requested page turning over the last 5 years (!) in this thread:
        (I realise that thread is about iOS but the same applies to reading on a computer)

        See how the kindle app does it – both on the Mac and on the iPad. Likewise the iBooks app, or any other serious electronic book app.

        It seems to me that if you are an electronic book company, making a good reading experience has to be one of the most important features you can have. Because books are for… reading.

  1. Hi, Andrew–thanks for your comments. I’m not sure why the first one didn’t automatically go through, since the blog allows auto-commenting after first approval. (Unless you used a different email? Might be an error on WordPress’s end.) At any rate–everything is here now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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