Scrivener for iOS: $19.99 –> $11.99

Scrivener Logo


This summer I used Scrivener’s iOS app (in its beta form!) as my primary app for writing at a week away. Even in its beta form it was good.

I’ve written about the desktop app here and here. You can read about my eight most-used features on iOS here.

Just today the price has come down from $19.99 on iOS to $11.99–easily worth it if you’ve got the means. Check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Scrivener for iOS: $19.99 –> $11.99

    1. Yes, definitely! You can see screenshots at the hyperlink to my “8 features” post on Scrivener iOS, but I think it pretty much boils down to: if you use an iOS device and want to be able to access/edit/add to writing projects on it, then it’s something to have. Especially since the Dropbox sync functionality is there–I haven’t lost any data, either!

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