Football and theology

Head over to Near Emmaus this week for some theological thinking about the National Football League. Day one’s reflections are here. Brian LePort writes:

Some people may brush off these questions. “It’s just a game.” “Enjoy it, don’t over-think it!” But games matter to people (we fill stadiums with thousands to watch these events) and if the unexamined life isn’t worth living that includes our pastimes!

I’ve submitted a contribution called “Of Linebackers and Liturgy” that will appear later this week. I’ll include a link to that later here at Words on the Word, and I’m sure that everything at Near Emmaus will be worth reading and engaging this week.

“One Race, Every Medalist Ever”

Usain Bolt set an Olympic record in the men’s 100 meter final the other day. (9.63 seconds!)

But did you know that 100 years ago, a sprinter would merely have had to crack 11 seconds to win the 100 meters?

The New York Times has a great graphic/video that shows all 100 meter medalists since 1896 on the same track. As a friend of mine on Facebook said, “I’d be willing to bet this is one of the coolest things you’ll see today.” He’s right. Check it out.

Family Friday goes to the Olympics: Less ball sports, more boat sports

Image: John David Merce,, USA TODAY Sports

Olympic volleyball on the TV evoked two different reactions from our two boys the other day. The two-year-old started jumping up and down on the bed chanting, “Vol-ley-BALL! Vol-ley-BALL!”

This same two-year-old had at another time been lounging on the bed until he saw a gymnast come on, at which point he stood up on the bed and lifted his hands straight up in the air, high above his head. He tumbled forward in his best effort at a somersault.

The four-year-old, on the other hand, seeing volleyball on TV, said, “I don’t want to watch any more ball sports… I want to watch a BOAT sport.”

Son, I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch it yesterday, but you’ll be glad to know that the women’s eight rowing team has won the gold.