AppTastic Tuesday: Say & Go

Old Confidant
Old Confidant

Back in the days before Facebook and iPhones, I walked around my college campus with a mini-cassette recorder to capture my freshman year pontificating about all aspects of life. It’s amazing how lengthy and involved some of those reflections were.

After a while I started holding forth verbally less and rocking out musically more, using the recorder to get all my songwriting ideas down right away.

For as advanced as the iPhone is–and it includes a built-in voice memo recording app–it wasn’t until I started using the app Say & Go that I started treating the phone as a suitable replacement for that Sony tiny tape recorder.

First, let me show you how I use the app, then I’ll show you a few of the under-the-hood settings you can tweak.

A brilliant idea comes my way, I grab my phone, and launch Say & Go:


From Skitch


Because of how I have the app configured, the second I tap the app icon, it starts recording:




The app intentionally limits recording length to anywhere between 4 and 15 seconds. I find 9 seconds is a good amount of time to get most ideas down. But what if I want to record a song snippet?

I can simply swipe right or tap on “Longer Recording” in the image above to get a minute-long option:




As if this isn’t sleek enough (and what a sweet, elegant layout this app has), the best part of the app is what’s next: I can now send my recording to an email address of my choosing, or set the app to save the recording to my Dropbox or… wait for it… to Evernote.




All I had to do was enter my Evernote email-to address in the “Default E-mail Recipient” line above. Now, after a single tap on the icon on my home screen, all my recordings go straight into Evernote as soon as the recording time runs out. Impressive.

There are a few other customizable settings. In the short workflow described above, I have “Autostart” enabled, but you don’t have to:




And here are some of the other settings you can adjust:




It’s a brilliantly designed and useful app. Read more about it here.



Thanks to Dawid Pietrala, the developer of Say & Go, for giving me a download for the review. Check out the app’s iOS page here. See my other AppTastic Tuesday reviews here.

AppTastic Tuesday: OfficeTime Time Tracker

The best iPhone time tracker I’ve seen is OfficeTime. It is simple, fast, effective, and easy to get in and out of quickly to start tracking time and get right back to work.


OfficeTime Screen


You can set up your Projects and Categories (I use these as two levels of task grouping), and tap on each to see how much time you’ve spent in a certain part of your work. I don’t use the Expenses feature of the app, but if you were a sub-contracting consultant keeping track of work for multiple clients, OfficeTime would be immensely helpful in tracking billing.

Pulling up a new time/task entry is easy:


OfficeTime timer


“Notes” allows you to write more details about what task you’re working on.

Not only can you look at all your time entries in a week by Project and Category, but you can see (as below) a virtual Timesheet of your week.


OfficeTime timesheet


The iPhone app can sync automatically to the desktop version of OfficeTime, though you have to actually be on the same wireless network to do it. Similarly, the iPad app can sync to a computer (and vice versa), but the data cannot sync automatically between iPad and iPhone apps. That is one of the few drawbacks I’ve found in OfficeTime.

I’ll post more in a future review about the desktop app, and also report back on exporting features.

The lack of a full-bodied sync option hasn’t really stopped me, though, since I can keep all the data on my phone and then sync with my work computer when I’m in the office.

OfficeTime has a free Mac trial version, and a free iOS version to try here. The paid iOS version is $7.99 and works on both iPhone and iPad.

If you are the time tracking sort, and want a full-bodied way to keep track on the go, OfficeTime officially rates the Words on the Word title of AppTastic.



Thanks to the makers of OfficeTime for giving me a download for the review. Check out the app’s iOS page here. See my other AppTastic Tuesday reviews here.