Why do you blog?

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In the last month I’ve had at least five close friends ask me why I’m blogging so much (or at all). Two of those friends have since started their own blogs (here and here, both highly recommended!)

Shortly after the blog’s formal launch, we had our third child (Junia!). I work full-time as worship director at a fantastic Christian college. I am taking two seminary classes. All at the same time. So how and why am I blogging?

The how part is easy: although it is work to keep a blog going, I enjoy it. You know those 4 hours a day that North Americans supposedly spend watching TV?  I spend half of them blogging (and the other half with family). It’s what I do in my free time.

But why? And why now?

First, it’s a creative outlet for me. I enjoy it and it feels good to express myself and share that with others. I am receiving so much input (learning through seminary, through my job, through parenting) that I thought it was time to more deliberately contribute some output to the world.

Second, with the blog I am able to request and receive free review copies of books from various publishers. This is a win-win for everyone: free publicity for the publisher/author, and a free book for me. You get to read the review! This is also a good way for me to stay current on what’s being published in the world of Biblical studies. Hence, Magnificent Monograph Mondays.

Third, and perhaps most important, in some sense this blog is my way of holding on to my identity–particularly the part of me that is so interested in Biblical studies. With all else that is going on, especially the birth of our third child, I see potential for my identity to be overrun by other things. (If you have children, “overrun” will make perfect sense to you.) I don’t want that to happen.

Of course I will give sacrificially to my family, and three children under the age of five don’t really give me the choice–e.g., “DAD!!!  MY BROTHER IS BUGGING ME!!!!!” Or just, “WWWWAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” (That’s Junia.) But even as the needs of the children can be all-consuming at times, I find myself saying subconsciously (and now consciously) as I blog, I… will… not… be… consumed! I need to have some “me” left over at the end.  The blog is that, in a lot of ways, for me.

(Can any other parents relate to this?)

Finally, blogging is a good way for me to test the waters with writing. I know writing is not exactly the most lucrative business in the world, but they do say the best way to get better is just to practice. I want to see how the whole writing thing might work out for me (beyond what I’ve already had published), and the blog is a small step towards that.

If you’re thinking about blogging, I recommend it! Just make sure you’ve changed all the diapers that need to be changed before you start writing.

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