Scholarly skepticism toward “Jesus’s Wife” fragment

Source: Bill Greene/Boston Globe

A solid piece from The Boston Globe today, a week after the announcement of the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” fragment discovery.

The news was arguably the biggest story regarding early Christian history in recent memory and generated a massive response, from obscure biblical blogs to late night television and Twitter.

See my earlier post here, in which two Gordon College professors weigh in. The Globe writes:

Several religion blogs ­reported Wednesday that the Harvard Theological Review had decided not to publish King’s paper. But King shared a statement she received Wednesday from the Theological Review saying her research will be published in January, assum­ing that testing on the fragment is complete. The scholarly publication also plans to include King’s responses “to the vigorous and appropriate academic debate engendered by the discovery of the fragment.”

(Thanks to Dr. Mark Goodacre for the tweet that pointed this article out.)

What do you think?

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