Some lessons from a beachside run

Okay, some lessons from three beachside runs, actually. Because I’ve had three wonderful ones in the last seven days, one at dusk/sunset, and the other two shortly after sunrise.

As I ran along the beach a couple times this week, here were some things I thought about, in no particular order:

The ocean is awesome. Duh. But, really, look at it, if you can, for a long, long time. Just watch. It’s amazing in its vastness. It both sustains life and can completely destroy life in a second.

It changes constantly. I still can’t get over how different a beach looks at low tide versus high tide–it’s like a different landscape altogether. Those rocks that my 5-year-old son and I climbed up on the other day at low tide? Almost completely submerged this morning when I ran by them.

There are lighthouses where you didn’t notice them before. Yes, this could be on one of those cheesy motivators posters. But in the last week, with each run, I’ve noticed a new lighthouse off in the distance that I hadn’t seen before. The application to the life of following and trusting God has been quite clear to me.

There are more lessons. But I’ve got to go to bed now, so we can get up early in the morning. Tomorrow is my wife’s turn for a beachside run. (I get the kids.)

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