The family bedtime rules

BedrailNot long ago we began instituting “the bedtime rules” for our two boys. The idea was to have a sequence of rules (steps, really) for the boys to follow once in bed that would provide consistency and direction each night. They were:

1. Put your head on your pillow.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Go to sleep.

Our 5-year-old added a couple, so now they read:

1. Put your head on your pillow.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Put your arms and your legs down.

4. Close your mouth.

5. Go to sleep.

Some nights, by the time I’m done with bedtime, I think the bedtime rules really just sound like:

1. Please stop talking.

2. Stop talking.

3. Stop talking right now.

4. Stop talking or I’m not going to sing to you anymore tonight.

5. SHHHH!!!!!

They will put themselves to sleep on their own eventually, right?

17 thoughts on “The family bedtime rules

  1. Developed for Micah when he moved to the big bed…
    1. No Talking
    1. No Playing
    1. No Getting Out of Bed
    1. No Taking Things Off

  2. This is therapeutic, but part of the Words on the Word ministry I love and need.

    We had to add one later when he took a fancy with the curtains. Afraid he’d yank ’em down on himself or what not, we added a 1st: No Touching the Curtains. (Reviewing this now, it sounds very negative… My lifeguard training is ringing in my ears: “Always say ‘Walk’ rather than ‘Don’t Run.'”)

  3. If by ‘put themselves to bed’ you mean the close the door to their room, pretend to sleep buy instead browse ebay and email you
    suggestions’ until you block the website, then yes, yes they will…

      1. And one more hint – beware of rules coming back to bite you. We used to have a rule ‘ no junk food before 10AM’ – simple hey. But somehow the rule got turned around on us. now at 10AM there are children at the door clamoring for their rightful ’10AM sweet’. I think I got done over with that one…..

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