Honest Toddler: Free Book Giveaway

HT book cover

Honest Toddler, under the supervision of mom Bunmi Laditan, has now added a full-length book to a popular and cathartic Twitter feed, Facebook page, and blog/Website. HT’s mom blogs here.

Thanks to Scribner (imprint of Simon & Schuster), Words on the Word has a copy of Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting to give away.

To enter, simply comment on this blog post with the best (brief) parenting tip you can come up with. Or just say hi. For a second entry, share the link to this post on FB, Twitter, via mind meld, etc., and let me know in the comments section that you did.

I’ll announce the winner right here some time next Monday.

And tomorrow I’ll post my review of the book on the book’s official release date. UPDATE: Review is here.

20 thoughts on “Honest Toddler: Free Book Giveaway

    1. Ah, what I didn’t anticipate was being convicted by the parenting tips! That is a good one. I could give a good example from this very evening of a little thing being a big think to one of our kids… okay, several examples. 🙂

    1. Ha! Difficult–but probably good. I’ll try to remember that next time Thing 1 pushes Thing 2… or Thing 2 pushes Thing 3….

  1. We use the language of “making things right” concerning forgiveness and I find that it’s incredibly important not to simply have the kids do the heavy lifting – the parent needs to offer and ask for forgiveness as well. It’s too easy to let tiny things build up and later find yourself holding something silly against your child.

  2. My primary value in relating to children is that my own personal entertainment nearly always comes first. Kids sense when I am genuinely having fun and I think they appreciate that and it helps me relate to them better.

  3. My tip is to pick your battles (don’t sweat the small things and don’t pet the sweaty things). Also, I shared in FB and posted on twitter

  4. My parenting tip of the day is to have your 6 year old daughter pick out her clothes the night before so you don’t have to battle it out right before school!

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