Announcing the Septuagint Studies Soirée

septuagint psalm 1

You know the Biblical Studies Carnival, right? It’s a link-lovefest of the biblioblogosphere. I hosted one in January.

Blogger and personality Jim West (lots of personality) is offering his own rogue carnival each month. This was particularly good on August 1, when an only slightly more official carnival did not post because no one volunteered to cover July.

Of the upcoming September 1 rogue carnival, in his call for submissions, Jim says:

* Interesting topics include just about everything related to Biblical studies except the LXX. These days you can’t go to the bathroom without someone opening the stall door and shoving a LXX or a book about the LXX in your face. Sure, it’s a great text, but everywhere? All the time? In the words of Jesus ‘life is more than the belly and the greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Therefore do not concern yourself with it to the exclusion of everything else. Let him who has ears to hear, hear’. Accordingly, in obedience to Jesus, the August carnival (posting 1 September) will be a LXX free zone.

LXX-free zone? You’d have to leave your Bible on the shelf for that to obtain!

But it inspired me to do something that I think is perhaps long overdue–institute a Septuagint-themed carnival of my own.

Each month I will highlight the best of the Web when it comes to Septuagint studies. I’m calling it…

Septuagint Studies Soirée

I know of four Septuagint-related blogs:

The International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS) has a nice news page here, too, with links to plenty of resources.

There may be other LXX bloggers that I don’t know about… which is why I’m calling on you, dear reader, to please alert me to good posts that have to do with the Septuagint/Old Greek translations of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Comment right here to let me know of something that should be in the first Septuagint Studies Soirée. I’ll post as soon as I’ve got a good dose of links.

19 thoughts on “Announcing the Septuagint Studies Soirée

    1. Yes! A good idea. These can be accessed by the public, right? I seem to be able to click through, even though not signed in. (Even though I have an account.)

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