Review of Bear Motion iPad Mini Case

Product image via Bear Motion
Product image via Bear Motion

“Bites on Bytes” is too trite, but Words on the Word does have a growing tech focus. I’ve reviewed software before, and have moved into iOS and its apps, and now gear. Here I’ll review a classy case for the iPad mini, with another case review to follow, some iOS app reviews on the way, and a forthcoming review of a Sony bluetooth wireless speaker. Stay tuned.

Here is the lengthily-titled 100% Genuine Brazilian Buffalo Hide Leather Dual Protection Folio Stand/Cover/Case for iPad Mini with Built-in Stand and Detachable Inner Silicon Cover (Black), by Bear Motion:

iPad mini in case, the full setup
iPad mini in case, the full setup

This is really two cases in one. On the right in the photo below there is the silicon stand-alone backing, which I’d recommend just for home (but not travel) use. On the left is the folio with a hard back plastic shell that is attached to the leather case that wraps around and closes over the iPad mini. It’s got a sleep/wake feature that functions perfectly.

Case both parts

There is actually a third casing option, since the Bear Motion Dual Protection case comes also with a protective velvet sleeve. So your iPad would be well-protected here.

Let me break it down into pros and cons:


  • The construction quality is high
    • The stitching is careful and tight
    • The holes (to access camera, earbuds, etc.) are cut out just right; you can still access everything
    • The leather smells amazing (I am a notorious smeller of books… and of this case)
  • I can hold the iPad, while in this case, in one hand (results may vary according to hand size)
  • The price is currently $19.99, which is a good deal
  • I haven’t test-dropped the iPad while in this case, but my money is on a safe landing, were some sort of accident to happen
  • There are three notches for standing it up (in landscape mode only) for viewing; these are sturdier than the typical origami-style construction in other cases… as here:
One of three settings
One of three settings


  • It’s not the slimmest option
    • It is heavier than some mini cases
    • It is bulkier than some
    • This cuts two ways:
      • On the one hand, it is sturdy and classy, a case you’d definitely take to your business meeting
      • On the other hand, the “package weight” Bear Motion lists is 0.7 pounds, which is just a touch more than the iPad mini itself. So you double your weight if you use this case
  • It is difficult to maneuver the case in order to take photo or video (it doesn’t just fold back)
  • There is no place to hold a stylus, which would be a nice feature in a case like this

All told, the pros significantly outweigh the cons. I’ve looked at a number of cases for the iPad mini (and have used four now, with another review to follow), and this is among the best you can get–if the weight is not a problem for you.

Thanks to Bear Motion for the review sample. They make plenty of other cases for various devices, too. The case reviewed above can be found at Amazon here.

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