John William Wevers LXX Text Histories… free .pdf downloads

Yes, this is free
Yes, this is free

File under: I can’t believe this is free.

From The International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS):

The Göttingen Septuaginta-Unternehmen, home of the Göttingen editions of the Septuagint, has announced two initiatives of interest to those dealing with textual criticism of the Septuagint.

Follow the link above to the Unternehmen’s home page. There’s a lot to check out there, including what I would consider the vacation/retreat of a lifetime. (Time with family tops everything, but this school would come in second.)

Back to the “free” part:

Several of the older volumes that have appeared in the series “Mitteilungen des Septuaginta-Unternehmens” are no longer available in print. To meet the wishes of the scholarly community to maintain access to these publications (among them, Rahlfs’ Verzeichnis), the Septuaginta-Unternehmen has published a free PDF scan of the first four volumes on its website.

These resources are available in the Septuaginta-Unternehmen’s new website, which is available in both German and English.

The link noted above (this one) includes, among other things, free downloads of the valuable and difficult to find Text History of the Greek… books by John William Wevers. You can download:

  • Text History of the Greek Genesis (1974)
  • Text History of the Greek Exodus (1992)
  • Text History of the Greek Leviticus (1986)
  • Text History of the Greek Numbers (1982)
  • Text History of the Greek Deuteronomy (1978)

They are large files, but I’m grateful to be able to have them.

15 thoughts on “John William Wevers LXX Text Histories… free .pdf downloads

  1. I just stumbled across this and I find this amazing! I was working on a paper several years ago and I was looking for the Text History of Greek Exodus at my previous University’s Library (I was at UofT). I was baffled when I could not find it considering Wever’s was previously a professor at my alma mater. I will definitely keep copies of these for future reference.

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