Hashtag Praying as Activism? #LetHerGoFree (Meriam Yehya Ibrahim)


A little more than a month ago a 27-year-old woman, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, was sentenced to death by the Sudanese government for not recanting her Christian faith in favor of Islam. She has a just-under-two-year-old son and was eight months pregnant at the time of her arrest. (She has since given birth, in prison.)

Were the sentence to be carried out, she would have been a martyr in her death, but she is already even now a martyr in life.

Yesterday her appeal to have the sentence overturned was accepted by a higher court. She was released.

But frustratingly, the BBC reports today that she has been detained:

About 40 security agents detained Mrs Ibrahim – along with her husband, Daniel Wani and two children – at the airport, the sources said.

You can read the whole article here.

If you are inclined to join me, as I post any more about Meriam Yehya Ibrahim on Facebook and Twitter, I’ll use the hashtag #LetHerGoFree. See here.

I have my own qualifications and occasional reservations about so-called hashtag activism, but hashtag praying as activism seems a good way to go. Among all the other factors that led to Ibrahim’s being freed in the first place, I’m convinced that prayer played a major role. So let’s keep it up. And–dear God–please, let her go free!

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