TV on a Stick, from Amazon, $19

Fire TV Stick


For $19 (until 9:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday, October 29), Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is on sale:

Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of movies and TV episodes, voice search that actually works, and exclusive features like ASAP and Prime Music, Fire TV Stick is an easy way to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, live and on-demand sports, music, photos, games, and more.

According the the product page, you plug the stick in at your HDMI port, connect to the Internet, and then watch any number of shows and movies and subscription services through your TV.

Check it out here.


(Words on the Word is an Amazon affiliate, which means Amazon pays us back with a portion of any referrals. We would have posted about the Fire TV Stick anyway.)

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