Coming Soon to iOS: Scrivener

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The full-featured writing app for Mac and Windows is at last on its way to iOS, soon to enter beta testing.

Here are some interesting details from the developer:

  • Scrivener for iOS will run on most iOS devices – the only requirement is that it can run iOS 9 and above.
  • It runs on iPhones as well as iPads (although certain features that require more space—such as the corkboard—are iPad-only).
  • It supports the multi-tasking features of the iPad Pro.
  • Scrivener for iOS will not support iCloud (at least for now) – syncing will be done via Dropbox. I’ll write a post explaining why soon. (You’ll be able to leave your desktop project open while you’re off using it on your mobile device, though.)

More details here.

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to iOS: Scrivener

  1. Still hoping to see that post you were going to write about preparing sermons in Scrivener. I’d love to see what you think, and, as a new Scrivener owner, perhaps get your template(s)! Thanks!

      1. Thanks for writing back! Actually, I’d found that thread that led me here, but 1) You wrote: “Okay–wow. I can’t recommend Scrivener highly enough for sermon prep! I’m sure there’s a lot for me to still get to know (and, revtim, I haven’t tried your template yet), but here’s my current setup/workflow, in a screenshot. Loving it so far.” However, I don’t see your setup/workflow in that thread 2) You referred on your blog to writing more in detail about your use of Scrivener for sermons, but I’m not sure you ever did, as I can’t find it. Are you still using it, or was it a phase? Just exploring how others have used it before I dive in and re-invent the wheel. Thanks!

      2. Hi, Craig! Does this work for a screenshot?

        I’m not still using Scrivener, but for two specific reasons I don’t regret: 1. I started using MindNode for mind mapping, which has become more of a central hub for research. Scrivener is still more robust for organizing research, but I like doing things visually now. 2. Scrivener has no iOS app, and I do way more sermon prep and writing on an iPad now, so use MindNode and Ulysses there. (All in addition to Accordance, which is the main way I access the Bible and commentaries and related tools.)

        Once Scrivener comes to iOS, I’m eager to see if there’s a way to integrate all of the above.

  2. Screenshot helps a lot, thanks! Looking forward to what you discover with the iOS version of Scrivener down the road. Thanks again for the screenshot.

  3. I have used Scrivener for years. It is powerful, and so easy. So, what’s my motivation (instead of simply “Pages” or “Word?” The answer is easy. it is an all in one.

    I can hold all my research, all my ideas for slides, all my writing, and my outlines – all in one page. On the side, in the “Binder” I can deposit all those items in their proper bin/folder. I can quickly jot down a thought and store it – and can easily return to what I was previously writing (before the idea popped into my head). There’s a way to jot down comments and footnotes without them getting into the body of the text I am writing.

    It keeps me organized, and I can/could lay out plans and ideas for the series. I keep each point in a separate card, so I can rearrange as I desire. When I used a word processor, I was always cutting, moving, and pasting – and never sure where to place a particular idea. In Scrivener I can shuffle the cards (or the outline) as I desire.

    Where did I place ideas, or sermon examples, or research (books, quotes, internet links) before Scrivener . . . I was using several different apps/programs before I found Scrivener.

    Now they even have (in a few days) an iOS version that is apparently spectacular. The Beta testers are raving about the software and the way in which it syncs using Dropbox, for example. Works super well with your favorite Bible program/app, of course 🙂

    Larry Edison

    1. Well put, Larry! As a beta tester of the iOS software (which has never crashed, by the way), I can confirm the reports you’ve been hearing. 🙂

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