Free Book! Ephesians commentary by Arnold (Zondervan)

I am giving away a book at Words on the Word this weekend. It’s a commentary on Ephesians by Clinton E. Arnold, from Zondervan’s Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series.

Last weekend I reviewed Luke from that same series. You can read that review to find out more about the structure and layout of each book in the series. Anyone who is preaching, teaching, or just studying their own way through Ephesians will find this book illuminating. Those who know even a little Greek will benefit most from this book, but Arnold translates everything, so those who know no Greek will benefit, too.

I will choose a winner at random. To enter the drawing, comment on this blog post with your answer to the question, “If you had a chance to sit down for a cup of coffee or tea with the apostle Paul today, what is the first thing you would ask him?” (I know what I would ask!)

Then if you link to this post on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc., come back here to tell me in the comments section that you did, and you’ll receive a second entry. I will announce the winner on the blog first thing Monday morning.

If you want to skip the giveaway contest and just buy the book for yourself, you can find it here.

27 thoughts on “Free Book! Ephesians commentary by Arnold (Zondervan)

  1. Hello Abram:
    Just today I read your blog and read it; of course is interesting have a copy of this book, I live in Bogotá Colombia South America, so far from you, and I teach some subjects in bible and theology.
    If I have the opportunity to speak with Paul I´ll have many questions, one of them will be: what do you mean when you said women can´t speak in the church?
    Héctor Molano
    Bogotá Colombia South America

  2. The first thing I would ask him would be, “Would you like a Dr. Pepper instead?” … and then we’d cover my plethora of theological questions (ie, law vs grace, women in ministry, justification, etc).

  3. My question for Paul would be:

    “What was your first thought when you saw that viper that attached itself to your hand?”

    1. “Paul, can you please explain what you mean by all your comments about women in church…?” Followed by, “Please illuminate Romans 1…”

  4. By the way, Abram. I want to tell you, not to sway you at all, but to make it known, that Ephesians, by far is the best book of the New Testament, hands down! I would drool at the thought of owning a commentary on it.

  5. “Cream and Sugar?”

    I facebooked, tweeted, google+’ed, carrier pigeoned, and told my cat about this giveaway.

  6. “How often were you sarcastic in your writings?” Or, I’d show him our NT, especially the letters attributed to him and ask, “Did you write all of these?”

    Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and blog.

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