11 Dreamy Bookshelves

I’ll take this one.

The LA Times has featured 11 Dreamy Bookshelves. What digital book revolution? I myself am not partial. I love print and digital. But these bookshelves are heard to beat. See them all here.


14 thoughts on “11 Dreamy Bookshelves

  1. Cool link! I have so much book lust right now. I love the aesthetic appeal of really cool bookshelves. The chair bookshelf and infinity bookshelf were really awesome, but the skylight one that you show here probably tops my list.

    1. Hi, Michelle! I really liked the infinity bookshelf, too. I don’t know what it is about nice bookshelves… but I agree–definitely the aesthetics are important.

  2. I have an e-reader but I almost never read on it because it frustrates me – I don’t feel relaxed when I read on it. However, I will always have real books because I like to decorate my house with them. : ) Everyone needs a few dreamy bookshelves, even if they aren’t TOO fancy.

    1. I like that idea of books as decorations–that’s why the look of a book (not just its contents) is actually important to me. Though, of course, I don’t judge it by its cover! (But I do judge a book by its binding sometimes!)

      1. I think judging is okay. : ) Sometimes you just know an amazing book when you see the cover, and sometimes…just sometimes you know when it’s going to be not so good…

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