“Do Olympic Swimmers Pee in the Pool?”

Breaking news: Olympic swimmers pee in the pool. A lot. From a former USA national team member:

Before a race is an interesting time. It depends on the meet and to some extent the color of the pool deck. I kid you not. You always try to pee before you swim, but sometimes your body defies logic and finds a way to refill your bladder just to spite you. Adrenaline and nerves wreak havoc on your system, and I knew tons of other swimmers that always, regardless of prior planning, had to pee right before a race. What to do if you’re desperate?

Read the whole thing here.

2 thoughts on ““Do Olympic Swimmers Pee in the Pool?”

  1. I’m learning to recognize the “pee dance” of my own kids and intervene when we are at the pool. Me: Are you sure you don’t have to pee? Daughter: Nah, I’m just doing this dance cuz I like to wiggle my butt.

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