William L. Lane free downloads on the Gospel of Mark

Here’s a link to a Mark teaching series that Dr. William L. Lane led at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN in 1998. He’s the author of the commentary pictured at right, one of the best for the Gospel of Mark. (Click on the image to look inside the book at Amazon.) From the By/For site:

This Mark teaching series is led by Dr. William L. Lane, author of The Gospel According to Mark from the New International Commentary on the New Testament series. This series was the final time Dr. Lane lectured on Mark.

The study page includes a pdf file of class notes and 13 lectures by Dr. Lane. See it all here.

5 thoughts on “William L. Lane free downloads on the Gospel of Mark

  1. I’m enjoying the series and continue to keep my head above water – every few seconds. SO many questions!!! But tonight i’ll stick with “do you know the bible version he used???” it’s not NIV exactly, but he does say that’s a good version. His differs from the NIV a lot. It might be a Greek Parallel Bible/Study Bible. Mrk 13:37 “Be vigilant” and most versions translate it ‘watch’.

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