Through the New Testament in a Year: 2013 Reading Plan

bible with coffeeIf you’re looking for a Bible reading plan for 2013, here’s a simple one (pdf) that takes you through the New Testament six days a week, at the rate of about a chapter a day. Logos 5 generated the reading plan for me.

I am going to get as far as I can reading the New Testament in 2013 in Greek (see here), though it may be enough for me to stay with Greek Isaiah in a Year. (More than 150 people have already joined me in the latter.)

4 thoughts on “Through the New Testament in a Year: 2013 Reading Plan

  1. FYI, I’ve already begun a reading plant for the NT. I’m doing weekdays December ’12 – December ’13. I’m in Matthew 7. Hit me up if you wanna chat about anything.

    1. Nice! I was actually thinking about a similar schedule, but getting Greek Isaiah going has caused me to hold off till January with Matthew. But that’s awesome.

      What are you using–a reader’s Bible? NA27 with no dictionary? Computer?

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