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New Mark Kozelek track (Sun Kil Moon+Album Leaf)

January 30, 2013
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SKM Album Leaf

Like the rest of the entire human race, I have trouble waiting for things I want. I especially have trouble waiting for new music I know has been recorded but not yet released to said human race. This morning I checked the Caldo Verde Records site in hopes of hearing some new Mark Kozelek. I was not disappointed.

If you click on the image above you can listen to a new track from the Koz’s collaboration with The Album Leaf. (Language warning for last portion of song: much as I love the man’s music and most of his words, there are the occasional, less-than-edifying lyrics.)

I reacted here to the idea of a Sun Kil Moon collaboration with The Album Leaf. I like this track better than the first (to which I linked in my earlier post). Still not much by way of guitar, but that will come with Koz’s February release of a covers album.

This new track had me going until the end (see comment on lyrics above). I’ll try to post a cute baby picture later as recompense.

What do you think?

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