500 Book Sale in Logos Bible Software


Logos Bible Software has just announced the release of a “500 Book Mega Pack.” The bundle is up through the end of the year. More details are here. Some highlights include:

…and quite a few more. Nearly 200,000 pages (print equivalent). You probably won’t use all of it, but it’s a quick and cost-efficient way to expand a Logos library. Logos offers it at 96% off, through their Christmas sale.

As to my own personal experience using Logos, I’ve written a good deal about that here (with more reviews forthcoming). You can also see a short demo here (with a great soundtrack from Future of Forestry) on how to use Logos to research the Christmas story.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the 500 Book Mega Pack gratis, with the expectation that I post about it here (though with no expectation as to my evaluation of the product itself).

What do you think?

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