A 6-Year-Old (re)Learns Some Hebrew

Hebrew Learning

My now six-year-old has been asking again to learn more Hebrew. We started last spring (see here and especially here), but the Hebrew learning has been largely on hold.

We have some materials from Sarah and David’s Read Hebrew, an interactive program to help children (and others) learn Hebrew.

The other day, as you can see above, we reviewed the alphabet again and did some activities in The Aleph Bet Story Workbook.

Last year The Aleph Bet Story Audio CD was on heavy rotation on the way to school. It accompanies The Aleph Bet Story, which has creative illustrations and mnemonic devices for learning the shapes and sounds of the Hebrew letters. Even quite a few months later, the sweet boy pictured above remembered most of the letters. The system seems to be effective. And he really likes it!

The materials we’ve been using are these ones. As we pick back up again, I hope to post more in-depth about our journeys. See more of what Sarah and David offer here.

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