Septuagint Studies Soirée #8: The One Week Late Edition

Translation is Required

Here are some posts from around the Septuagintabiblioblogosphere in March:

Lee Irons blogged his way through Translation is Required: The Septuagint in Retrospect and Prospect in six parts, accessible here.

T. Michael Law posted two more installments of his Septuagint Sessions podcast, here and here.

BLT blog wrote about God’s first Greek puns (brought to you largely by the letters γ and ν).

William Ross promises upcoming LXX Resource Reviews. You can see a resource page he has up now, here. Also, in the last soiree I missed his February review of Abi T. Ngunga’s Messianism in the Old Greek of Isaiah. (It’s on my shelf, too, and I’ve worked with it a little.) Here it is, in excerpted form.

Daniel Streett uses the LXX to venture an answer to the question: Did Enoch Die? He also mentions a couple options for a bound LXX-Greek NT combo.

Mosissimus Mose continues a review of  T. Michael Law’s When God Spoke Greek in dialogic form. The fourth part posted in March.

Here’s a post on “ditching flashcards” (via here).

Jacob Cerone has been posting his way through LXX Jonah. See here, here, and here.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to post an LXX-related link in the comments.

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