Quick Tip: Simulate Three Panes at Once in Accordance iOS

A quick tip for Accordance users:

Though Accordance for iOS currently offers the ability to just have two panes open at a time, I have found a good workaround that simulates the effect of having three texts or tools readily available at once.

This image is from an iPhone, in landscape mode. (Click or open in a new tab to enlarge.)

Reading Obadiah
Reading Obadiah

The left pane is the Hebrew text of Obadiah. For my second pane (on the right) I select a tool (commentary) of some sort that has hyperlinked individual verses, which I can then tap (“19,” above) to have a popover English translation show up.

I’ve been making my way through Obadiah in Hebrew like this, for a forthcoming review (6/9/14 UPDATE: now posted here). This way I can read the Hebrew, have a commentary open, and easily get an English translation, all from the same screen.

What do you think?

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