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Running Multiple Searches at Once in Accordance’s IVP Dictionaries

June 13, 2014

Here’s another quick tip for Accordance users. This one has been there a long time, but I just noticed:

My most regular use of General Tools in Accordance (Bible dictionaries, books, etc.) is to search them for each week’s passage that I’m preaching on. For example, I’ll search the IVP Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels first by Scripture reference and then by English content and/or section heading. (The tool may have information relevant to me that is best found with one or the other search.)

I already was aware that you could add a second search field for an “AND” search, but I just realized yesterday that you can also select “OR” (from a drop-down menu) before you select your second search field and term:

Accordance OR Search

So now in one search setup (which I can save for next time), I can have this Accordance tool return hits for every time it mentions either Matthew 28 by reference or the Great Commission in the English content… and even throw in another “or” of “Discipleship” in the Entry field (dictionary section titles).

The search above, by the way, yields 199 hits… which continues to make IVP’s Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels a good preaching companion.

What do you think?

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