Two New IVP “Black Dictionaries” from Accordance

Last week Accordance released two new IVP “black dictionaries.” Both cover the Old Testament. There is Wisdom, Poetry & Writings and Prophets.

Here’s a screen grab from the Accordance page–they’re on sale through midnight EST tonight, and still reasonably priced after that.


Prophets (click image below for product page):

IVP Prophets


Wisdom, Poetry & Writings (click image below for product page):

IVP_Wisdom, Poetry, Writings


These IVP dictionaries are really good. I usually use whatever volume I own when preparing sermons.

And Accordance 11 (just released this fall) is a nice way to use these dictionaries. You can try especially sophisticated searches with them in Accordance, like this one.

If you’ve used either of these dictionaries, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. So far, I’ve really appreciated everything else from this series.

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