All of Joy of Cooking’s Recipes, On Your Phone you know that you can get the entirety of Joy of Cooking in your iPhone or iPad?

The iconic and ever-useful cookbook would be hard to improve upon in its print edition (though some duct would help ours), but the iOS app does just that.

It’s currently on sale through New Year’s Day, $4.99 at the App Store. EDIT: They’ve changed the price twice since I posted. As of 12/22, it’s $6.99.

If I procure the app unto myself, I shall report back, but for now here’s a bit of what it claims to be able to do:

• Universal app supports both iPhone and iPad.

• Thousands of recipes and reference materials cover everything from enchiladas to lemon meringue pie.

• All materials are included in the app. No internet access is required.

• Pre-set digital timers enable you to get each recipe just right.

• Let the app speak each step aloud so you can concentrate on cooking, rather than reading.

• Navigate each recipe with simple voice commands. No need to touch the screen with sticky fingers!

• Thousands of photos and illustrations leave nothing to interpretation.

• Built-in menu-maker allows you to create a menu and use it to
navigate among recipes while you cook; you can even print it out or
email it to your guests.

• Joy of Cooking classic red bookmarks help you keep track of several recipes at once.

• The Favorites list lets you store recipes that you want to cook again and again.

• Shopping lists can be created easily from one or more recipes.

• The Sleep-Block feature prevents your iPad from sleeping when you just want to cook.

• A switch to enable metric units can adapt recipes to your preference.

• A built-in conversion calculator makes it easy to substitute just
about anything. Want to know how many teaspoons are in a half-cup? That
answer, and many others, is just a few taps away.

…and more.

Here are a couple screenshots from the App Store:





Read more about this impresive-looking app here.

2 thoughts on “All of Joy of Cooking’s Recipes, On Your Phone

    1. Yeah… It was $3.99 when I posted, then $4.99 within the hour, then this morning up to $6.99. Not sure what’s going on. Assuming that price holds, I’ll update the post. Thanks for the comment!

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