Size Comparison of iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 sizes

The iPhone 6 just set a new pre-order record for Apple phones. The biggest question folks who are in the market will probably have is: How big is the iPhone 6? vs. How big is the iPhone 6 Plus?

There’s a handy printout you can download here to see what an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus all look like next to each other.

Or you could do what this guy did.

10 thoughts on “Size Comparison of iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus

      1. I never used Accordance much on previous versions of the iPhone except to look something up quickly. However, I figure that might change with the larger screen of the 6 Plus. I use Accordance on my iPad all the time.

      2. You think that’s how they will go? I read somewhere that already the iPhone 6 Plus will allow the home screen to display in landscape orientation.

      3. Yes, you can rotate the iPhone 6 plus home screen to landscape mode like the iPad. They also showed a distinct version of the Mail app, which when rotated on its side creates a view with a list of emails on the left and a preview pane on the right–again like the iPad.

        So, theoretically, a programmer could design a universal iOS app to accommodate three different screens: the iPhone 6 (and earlier iPhone versions), the larger iPhone 6 plus, and the iPad.

        I don’t know of any plans for this kind of three-way distinction for Accordance (and if I did, it doesn’t mean I could tell!), and I’m not even certain what it would look like. Obviously, the iPhone and iPad versions of Accordance are already distinctly different because the larger screen on the iPad allows for more advantageous placement of features. That might be possible, too, with an iPhone 6 plus, but it’s too early to know anything. No one even has any of these devices in hand yet (but I will have mine on Friday!).

        And if anything, I’d still like to see four panes in the iPad version of Accordance instead of just two, but whether that’s a good idea or not, I’m not certain. I do know that as these screens get higher and higher in resolution, I’m able to make the text smaller since I can see it more clearly. More text–as long as its legible–is always better in my use.

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