Accordance 11: Coming (Very) Soon

Accordance 11 Collections


Accordance 11 is coming soon. Very soon–by the end of October.

In an email announcement today, Accordance noted:

Exciting news! We are preparing our next major upgrade for release towards the end of October. During the next several weeks we’ll be telling you more about Accordance 11 and the many advances it will bring to your studies.


This week we are announcing the exciting new modules that are being added to each Version 11 Collection. Each of these Collections includes Accordance 10 and 11, so you can use Accordance 10 now, and get 11 immediately upon release.

New to the store already in Accordance 11 is the chance to “Custom Upgrade,” which provides users with a discounted collection rate if they already own modules contained in that collection.

See the announcement here.

They haven’t said much yet about what Accordance 11 contains, but today’s newsletter does note “23 new and useful categories for your books for better organization and easier access” in Tools, as shown here:


23 Tools Categories


I use Accordance every day (or almost every day). Accordance 10 is already an excellent program. Can’t wait to see what 11 brings. Subscribe to this blog or check back to hear more as it unfolds.

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