Galileans at Pentecost

"Pentecost," by Jan Joest van Kalkar (1505 – 1508)
“Pentecost,” by Jan Joest van Kalkar (1505 – 1508)


Pentecosts reminds us that God pours out the Holy Spirit on any and all persons who would receive… and he uses unexpected persons as his conduits!

The use of “Galileans” to help usher in the era of the Spirit is also a sort of breaking of barriers. It shows that when God chooses to do something marvelous, he does not necessarily wait till a person high in earthly esteem comes along. He does use such people, of course, as we see with God’s using Paul. But he is not limited to them.

The key to usefulness is the fullness of the Spirit, and the Spirit can bring life to anyone he chooses, provided that he or she is open to this enlivening.

(Ajith Fernando, Acts: The NIV Application Commentary)

Image above via Global Christian Worship.

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