Free Online Accordance Webinars Next Week

Accordance Live Online Training


The new school year is almost year. (Some folk in the South have already started!)

If you’re a pastor or professor who is looking to reinvigorate your sermon prep or teaching workflow, Accordance Bible Software is a great tool. It’s also an indispensable aid for seminarians. (Speaking of which: Back to School sale.)

This coming week Accordance is offering a host of free webinars. I’ve attended a few of these, and they’re always informative and well-done. I also teach a couple webinars now, which is a lot of fun. I’m leading one on Friday:

Setting Up Workspaces with Abram K-J
Friday, August 21, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Abram will gear this session toward the basic-level Accordance user. The webinar is interactive throughout, offering users a chance to see how to set up, customize, and save a Workspace in Accordance.

Here is what I’ll cover:

1. Terminology: Panes, Tabs, Zones, Workspaces


2. Setting Up a Simple Workspace: Bible, Commentary, User Notes


3. Setting Up a More Robust Workspace: Multiple Bible Texts, Multiple Commentaries, and Tools


4. Creating Different Workspaces for Different Tasks


5. Multiplying the Power of Workspaces: Sessions


6. Additional Q and A

See all of next week’s free webinars here.

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