Children’s Book Note: Almost an Animal Alphabet

Almost an Animal Alphabet


Our family has read a lot of alphabet books in our day–now I’m working on letters with Kid #3 (!). We read through Almost an Animal Alphabet the other day, which she sincerely enjoyed. (The Yeti is my favorite–and, I think, what makes it only almost an all-animal alphabet.)

The illustrations are creative and fun, and the book is both educational (as you’d hope) and funny. Check it out via POW! Books here, or here on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Children’s Book Note: Almost an Animal Alphabet


    Here is another gem that we discovered (found it at the used bookstore in Danvers for a couple of bucks). Each letter has one sentence (e.g. “Diabolical Dragons Daintily Devouring Delicious Delicacies”) along with hundreds of cleverly hidden objects. It’s really beautifully illustrated, and keeps all of us occupied for long stretches. It’s a little bit “Where’s Waldo?” (every thing on each page begins with a particular letter of the alphabet) but with a much more whimsical flair. Plus, it provides much fodder for discussion – the regular use of both adjectives and adverbs is also a major plus. It’s perfect for an English geek or Art nerd. What’s not to love?

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