Review of WaterField’s Spike Wallet

I’m increasingly finding myself drawn to the high-quality goods of manufacturers in New York (here and here) and San Francisco.

WaterField Designs is based in SF. They make an excellent keyboard slip case, which I covered here. For the last few weeks I’ve been carrying around their super-slim and stylish Spike Wallet.

It looks like this:


Spike Wallet by Pen


The best thing about it is its size–it’s small! It’s about the size of an iPhone 5, so it actually fits really comfortably into a front pocket, right next to a phone. Actual dimensions: 4.3″ x 3″.

This can’t be your hold-everything wallet, of course. I’ve been able to easily fit into it: two debit cards, some cash, an insurance card, and my driver’s license. This is what I need most days. However, the kids’ insurance cards or any gift cards I have still have to go in another, larger wallet. (Or just in my satchel somewhere.)

Getting things in an out was a bit tough at first, but the full-grain leather continues to soften with use. Here’s what it looks like filled:


Spike Wallet Filled


The closure mechanism is minimalist and slides right into place, easily and snugly. It’s perfectly executed.


Spike Wallet Open Empty


There’s only a little bit of branding, and it’s on the back. I probably would have preferred something more subtle, like on the inside flap of the wallet, for example.


Spike Wallet Back


The leather feels great in the hands, the stitching is secure, and the size is right for daily use. This piece of gear has been truly enjoyable to use.

WaterField makes a lot of other great-looking gear, which you can learn more about here. Find the Spike Wallet here. Retailing at $25, it comes in “Wallet”/large size (which I’ve featured here) as well as “Business Card”/small size.



Thanks very much to WaterField for the product review sample, given to me for purposes of review, but with no expectations or influence on the review’s content.

What do you think?

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