This Week’s Sponsor: MailButler



I’m pleased to announce that this week Words on the Word is sponsored by the MailButler app from Feingeist.

I reviewed Feingeist’s Evermail app here. It’s an Evernote add-on for Mac Mail. I still use it on my work computer every day that I’m on email.

MailButler includes that add-email-to-Evernote functionality, but also offers a much more robust feature set. Here’s some of how it enhances the Mac Mail program:

  • Email tracking/read receipts
  • Conversion of email to Evernote note
  • Dropbox and Google Drive file integration
  • Undo Send (with customizable time delay)
  • Send Later (i.e., schedule when your email will send, so your co-workers don’t know you really wrote them that email at 2:00 a.m.)

This is the full product description from Feingeist:

MailButler is the productivity boosting add-on for Apple Mail. It helps you organize and optimize your email correspondence, and saves you lots of common and annoying mistakes. With MailButler you have to worry about nothing, because it has your back while you’re working with Apple Mail.

Among the great options that MailButler offers is the ability to schedule, track, and undo emails, upload email attachments regardless of size,  convert emails to notes, create amazing signatures, and many more. To get access to all of those features, you just need to download and install MailButler, and register a free MailButler account.

The MailButler homepage is here. You can download it directly here. Installation is free, so you can try it out with some of the actions to see what you think. If you scroll down to the bottom of the product page, you’ll see the subscription options.

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