Quick Update on the World’s Other “Words on…” Blog (and its New Co-Author)

Yay for co-authorship! (Image via Brian Davidson)


I’ve had fun getting the new Words on the Goods off the ground the last couple months. This site’s sister blog now has its first co-author, Brian Davidson. I’m excited about the possibilities having multiple writers opens up.

Words on the Goods focuses on reviewing high-quality, high-utility gear, as well as the best productivity and life management apps.

Here are a few highlights from recent weeks:

Find Words on the Goods at www.wordsonthegoods.com. If you scroll to the bottom, you can sign up to follow or subscribe to the blog.



This week’s blog sponsor is MailButler, the feature set you always wished your Mac Mail had (and that I’m glad mine does). Find out more about it here or download and try it free here.

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