2018: (Any Language) Gospels in a Year

from The Book of Kells

I am one week in with the Greek Gospels in 2018 reading plan I made. Last week I also invited my congregation to join me in English, so I’ll be able to have some good in-person conversations about the content of the Gospels, too.

Each Gospel has its own three months. Readings are listed for Monday-Friday, with weekends left open for review, other reading, catch-up, or a break. Friday always ends with the last verse of a chapter.

The plan linked below also includes suggested passages each week for ​lectio divina, an ancient way of reading Scripture that goes back to at least the Middle Ages. Lectio divina, many readers of this blog will be aware, is Latin for “divine reading” or “holy reading,” where we read Scripture slowly, reflectively, and prayerfully. (There is a short primer on the practice here, based on a sermon I preached in Lent 2016.)

Let me know if you’ll be reading along! The plan is here.

15 thoughts on “2018: (Any Language) Gospels in a Year

  1. You need some supplemental material for your congregation to help them see Jesus with new eyes and immerse their lives in the gospel accounts with ponder/pray/practice steps for 40 days? Just saying 😉

  2. It’s always good to see a reminder of The Book of Kells. I was able to see the beautiful book on display at Trinity University in Dublin back in the 80’s. I have a copy of it on my coffee table–at the Kell house.

      1. Yes…somewhere I’m pretty confident we are tied into that family tree. I am part Scotch-Irish-Welsh but I do think I’m tied in with that clan at some point.

  3. This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to dive into the gospels more deeply and this plan let’s me do that in bite-sized chunks. Suggestion—remove the 2018 dates from your original PDF so that the user can fill in the dates for whatever year they are using it.

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