App Santa–Sweet iOS Apps on Sale

App Santa


I’m not sure how the actual St. Nick would feel about iTechnology, but App Santa offers a surprisingly large selection of excellent iOS (and Mac) apps for sale, starting today.

A few highlights of apps I use (and like):

  • PDF Expert 5 ($6.99, from $9.99)
  • Scanner Pro ($2.99, from $6.99), which I use regularly for e-filing
  • Calendars 5 ($2.99, from $6.99), even better than Apple’s native Calendars app
  • TextExpander Touch ($2.99, from $4.99)

And a few apps that I haven’t reviewed (but will soon) that look sweet:

  • Drafts 4 ($4.99, from $9.99), “where text starts on iOS”
  • Launch Center Pro ($0.99, from $4.99), the tag line of which is, “Launch actions, not just apps”
  • Screens ($13.99, from $19.99). This morning after having it installed for less than a minute, I was using a tiny little phone to control a big desktop computer. Amazing!
  • MindNode ($4.99, from $9.99): a smooth mind mapping app, which I’ll post about more in coming months

Find them all (and others) here.

Nisus Writer Pro: One Day Festivus Sale

Strong, Fast
Excellent Word Processing for Mac


I don’t really know much about Festivus, but in honor of it, for less than 24 hours, Nisus Writer Pro is on sale. I was pleasantly surprised by this really versatile and smooth (and high-powered) word processor when I started using it a few months ago.

Find Nisus Writer Pro here. You can also get Nisus Writer Express and a sweet Mac Mail searching program (InfoClick) on sale. I don’t think it gets priced this low, usually.

Here’s the pricing info, from the Nisus newsletter:

Nisus Writer Pro is $55 for the full version (regular price $79) and $35 for the upgrade (regular price $49). Nisus Writer Express is priced at $20, the upgrade price is just $15. InfoClick is only $10! Family Packs for both Express and Pro are also discounted. You can purchase from our store and from the Mac App Store (full versions only).

All you need to do is go to our store and buy, no coupons required. You will be happy you did as you will receive a fantastic deal on great Nisus products.

I have switched almost all of my work away from Word and Pages to Nisus Writer Pro. I highly recommend it. There are also demo/trial versions at the links above.

TextExpander Touch On Sale for $1.99 in the App Store

Text Expander TouchNow that I’ve made it through Black Friday without (a) buying anything or (b) blogging about any sales….

TextExpander Touch is on sale at the App Store for $1.99. Given how long it can take to type long swaths of text on an iPad or iPhone, TextExpander is a great time-saver, especially for stock replies or snippets (e.g., if you email directions to your house a lot).

Here is my review of TextExpander. You can find the app for sale here.

Accordance at SBL/AAR 2014: 50% Off

sblIf you’re at SBL/AAR 2014 this last day, Accordance Bible Software is offering the best deal I’ve ever seen from them: $250 gets you the (normally $499) Essential Collection.

The deal is only available for new users. If you’re trying to decide what you think, you can see my Accordance 10 review series here, and my initial impressions of the new Accordance 11.

Here are a few other booths you might check out, too, before the conference ends.


SBL/AAR 2014: The Best Exhibitor Discounts

sblThe Annual Meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion is this week: November 22-25.

I’m not going, but if I were, here are the three exhibitor booths I would head to first:




Front CoverI love Eisenbrauns’s books. Look especially for this deal.

And Carta is fast becoming one of my favorite publishers. At the very least, treat yourself to a look inside Carta’s magnificent Sacred Bridge (or see some images here). Carta will be featuring new titles like Understanding Biblical Archaeology (by Paul Wright) and Understanding the Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls.




Acc 11_Simply Brilliant_logoYou can see Accordance 11 for yourself. Check out their booth for some even-better-than-usual conference discounts this year, as well as some new releases.

More specifically, at SBL/AAR (and ETS) you’ll find:

  • 20% discount on general purchases
  • New N.T. Wright modules
  • 50% off the Essential Collection (for new users only, have to show a conference badge), which is a deal I can’t recommend highly enough
  • Anchor Bible Commentary (86 volumes) for $1099


FORTRESS PRESS (Booths #734 and #735)


DBWE17You can get the whole 17-volume set of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works at a discounted price ($564; regular price is $940), which includes a free copy of Interpreting Bonhoeffer (a good book). See my look inside the brand-new DBWE 17.

Fortress has just released The Fortress Commentary on the Bible, which they’re offering at the special conference rate of $78 (regular price is $120).

There’s a 30% general discount, too, with some deeper discounts on ebooks. All of what Fortress has to offer (including sessions) is here.


Really Cheap Ebooks (Whether You’re At the Conference or Not)


Whether you’re at the conference or not, here are three collections of really low-priced ebooks.

Happy book-hunting!


UPDATE: I nearly forgot to mention again that the BHS Reader’s Hebrew Bible is 50% off at Hendrickson’s booth. More here.

NIV Application Commentaries, As Low as $4.27 Each

NIVAC sale


Zondervan’s NIV Application Commentary series is on sale, with each of the ebooks selling at $4.99–or less on Amazon.

I really liked Psalms vol. 1 in this series. There are a lot of really good volumes in NIVAC; I just picked up Genesis (now that I’m almost done preaching through it this fall-ha!), Peter Enns’s Exodus, and a few others.

All the Table of Contents now are hyperlinked, so navigating via Kindle or iBooks should be relatively manageable. You won’t get the same sort of search power you’d get in Accordance or Logos, but the price is tough to beat.

See everything here on Amazon or here at Zondervan’s page.

New Hebrew Reader’s Bible: 50% Off at ETS, SBL/AAR

BHS Reader's Edition


Hendrickson has published a new Hebrew Reader’s Bible. (See more here.) They’ve also posted a sample pdf online, which features the book of Obadiah (good choice!).

You order now through CBD or Amazon… OR… if you want it at 50% off, you can go to Hendrickson’s booth at the upcoming ETS (booth 222) and SBL/AAR (booth 718) conferences, and find it in its two different bindings, priced at $29.97 (from $59.95 retail) and $39.97 (from $79.95).

Conference Prices on Some Hebrew Language Gems from Eisenbrauns

This month Eisenbrauns has a sale on my favorite series of theirs: Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic (LSAWS). These titles are not often on sale, and you can rarely (if ever) find a cheaper copy of anything here, even if used via Amazon.

I highlight two volumes:

Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause, by Adina Moshavi


Moshavi Hebrew Word OrderMany of Moshavi’s examples come from Genesis, which make them easy to understand, as she is mostly using a narrative/historical text for purposes of illustration. I’ve read 75 pages (closely) and found the book both substantive and easy to understand.

Here is the publisher’s description:

Over the last 40 years, the study of word-order variation has become a prominent and fruitful field of research. Researchers of linguistic typology have found that every language permits a variety of word-order constructions, with subject, verb, and objects occupying varying positions relative to each other. It is frequently possible to classify one of the word orders as the basic or unmarked order and the others as marked.

Moshavi’s study investigates word order in the finite nonsubordinate clause in classical Biblical Hebrew. A common marked construction in this type of clause is the preposing construction, in which a subject, object, or adverbial is placed before the verb. In this work, Moshavi formally distinguishes preposing from other marked and unmarked constructions and explores the distribution of these constructions in Biblical Hebrew. She carries out a contextual analysis of a sample (the book of Genesis) of preposed clauses in order to determine the pragmatic functions that preposing may express. Moshavi’s thesis is that the majority of preposed clauses can be classified as one of two syntactic-pragmatic constructions: focusing or topicalization.

This meticulous yet approachable study will be useful both to students of Biblical Hebrew and to persons doing general study of syntax, especially those interested in the connection between linguistic form and pragmatic meaning.


Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew, by Joshua Blau


Blau Phonology and MorphologyI haven’t read as much of this one, but is it ever detailed! It’s an excellent reference tool to look up and learn why Hebrew words are formed the way they are, and how each little part (morpheme) of a word comes into being and functions. Easily worth the $39 sale price.

From the publisher:

More than 80 years have passed since Bauer and Leander’s historical grammar of Biblical Hebrew was published, and many advances in comparative historical grammar have been made during the interim. Joshua Blau, who has for much of his life been associated with the Academy of the Hebrew Language in Jerusalem, has during the past half century studied, collected data, and written frequently on various aspects of the Hebrew language.

Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew had its origins in an introduction to Biblical Hebrew first written some 40 years ago; it has now been translated from Modern Hebrew, thoroughly revised and updated, and it distills a lifetime of knowledge of the topic. The book begins with a 60-page introduction that locates Biblical Hebrew in the Semitic family of languages. It then discusses various approaches to categorization and classification, introduces and discusses various linguistic approaches and features that are necessary to the discussion, and provides a background to the way that linguists approach a language such as Biblical Hebrew—all of which will be useful to students who have taken first-year Hebrew as well those who have studied Biblical Hebrew extensively but have not been introduced to linguistic study of the topic.

After a brief discussion of phonetics, the main portion of the book is devoted to phonology and to morphology. In the section on phonology, Blau provides complete coverage of the consonant and vowel systems of Biblical Hebrew and of the factors that have affected both systems. In the section on morphology, he discusses the parts of speech (pronouns, verbs, nouns, numerals) and includes brief comments on the prepositions and waw. The historical processes affecting each feature are explained as Blau progresses through the various sections. The book concludes with a complete set of paradigms and extensive indexes.

Blau’s recognized preeminence as a Hebraist and Arabist as well as his understanding of language change have converged in the production of this volume to provide an invaluable tool for the comparative and historical study of Biblical Hebrew phonology and morphology.


Access the sale here. The two volumes above–and some other really good titles–are available at the best discounts you’re likely to find.

TV on a Stick, from Amazon, $19

Fire TV Stick


For $19 (until 9:00 a.m. EST on Wednesday, October 29), Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is on sale:

Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of movies and TV episodes, voice search that actually works, and exclusive features like ASAP and Prime Music, Fire TV Stick is an easy way to enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, live and on-demand sports, music, photos, games, and more.

According the the product page, you plug the stick in at your HDMI port, connect to the Internet, and then watch any number of shows and movies and subscription services through your TV.

Check it out here.


(Words on the Word is an Amazon affiliate, which means Amazon pays us back with a portion of any referrals. We would have posted about the Fire TV Stick anyway.)

One-Day Olive Tree Sale: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works (16 Volumes) for $99

Bonhoeffer in Olive Tree


Today (Wednesday), Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, English Edition (DBWE, 16 volumes) are $99 in Olive Tree Bible software. I have not seen DBWE in Olive Tree, but have reviewed the app here.

Their iOS and desktop apps are free, so if you like Bonhoeffer and have the cash, this is probably the best price for his complete works in English that one will ever find. (It does not include the just released Volume 17.)